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G'day Matthew,

Here is the swagman.

If you download it, you'll get an .eps file.

Otherwise you can click and drag the image below.
If it doesn't work, or if you'd prefer a .png or .tif file, let me know please.

Would you be able to send me a photo of your model in front of the Ansett print please?
You can be in the photo as well if you like.

If the model isn't ready, that's cool, I'll post it as a part 1, of "a project in progress", and then post a couple more to show the progress and finished work.

I'm about to start a gallery of clients, of which you could be the first one.

I hope this image helps you.

BTW, did you know that Hugh Sawrey originally painted the image of the swagman on this livery just rear of the wing, but no one could see it properly, so repainted it on the nose, however the entire artwork started chipping off after a couple of flights, so he had to change paint
 types and repaint it. He did it all by hand, which resulted in 3 variations of the swagman.


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